Getting Started

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We’re excited to welcome you to! is a training and learning platform for people interested in fair trade and socially responsible and sustainable business. See the video below for a quick overview or use the details below for more explaination of the steps to getting started as a teacher in our platform.

1 - Create a new Course

First things first! Create a new Course to get started with Fairsharetraining. By creating your first course you get access to all the tools and features inside Fairsharetraining.

2 - Plan Course structure

Well begun is half done. Plan and divide your course structure in to different topics to make sure that you have a clear structure in your Course. Your course is build up from different Lessons inside your Course, set each of your topics to their own lessons.

3 - Add new Lessons

After you have a clear structure in your mind you can start adding the Lessons to your Course. Inside each Lesson you can create quizzes and questions that will guide your students through each lesson.

4 - Launch Course

You have your course setup and all the lessons in place? Great! You can launch your Course, just by clicking the Publish-button in your Course-settings page. After this your Course is available for the students. 5 - Promote and invite students to platform

Now it's time to tell everyone about your new Course. Invite your friends to Fairsharetraining and make sure that they fair trade learning journey!

6 - Status check

From time to time it's good to check your course status. You can engage your students in the discussion forums and also provide feedback to their Lessons.

Need more assistance? Check out our other Help Center resources. You can also email